Thursday, August 21, 2008

FPM Tooling & Automation : Robotic Staple Station

FPM Tooling & Automation has utilized the flexibility of a six-axis robot to rapidly staple and assemble plastic components. A precision CNC cut aluminum nest with replaceable, hardened, staple receiver inserts allows for repeatable part location.

The robot installs each staple then verifies it was properly driven and located before moving to the next point. A fiber optic sensor continuously monitors the amount of staples present in the gun. When the staples run low, the robot finishes processing its current part then reorients itself to an ergonomic reload position, allowing the operator to refill the gun with a minimum of machine downtime.

Interchangeable nest plates allow for unlimited part combinations for future applications.

Friday, August 1, 2008

FPM Tooling & Automation : Robot Sonic Weld

FPM Tooling & Automation has utilized State-of-the-Art Robotics and Ultrasonics to assemble acoustic fabrics to molded thermoplastics. When welding thermoplastics, the thermal rise in the bonding area is produced by the absorption of mechanical vibrations which are introduced across the joint to be welded. This process can happen in less than a second which works hand-n-hand with robotics. The universal combination of “Robotics & Ultrasonics” quickly executes multiple welding positions on complex attitudes to eliminate the need for dedicated precision weld devices at each location. Our professional engineers also design and manufacture these work cells to be interchangeable for the next application.