Monday, September 29, 2008

FPM Tooling & Automation : Vision System Robot Cell

FPM Tooling & Automation has a “Keep It Simple Solution” to assure Quality Control. The high tech combination of robotics and vision with the new short wave length characteristics of the blue LED light makes an ideal choice for high precision dimensional measurements and many other demanding assembly applications. Image processing converts a target image captured by a Charged Couple Device (CCD) camera into a digital signal and then performs various arithmetic operations on the signal to extract the characteristics of the target.

Finally, a GO/NO-GO result is output based on preset tolerance limits. Robotics is the premier choice of operation because of its ability to quickly position itself into multiple areas to be analyzed. If you need to check another part or an area which was over-looked, simply and cost effectively add this additional step to the process.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

FPM Tooling & Automation : Four-Station Robotic Deflash Cell

FPM Tooling & Automation has your solution to unlimited deflash possibilities.

Our four-station robotic deflash cell eliminates the need for multiple stand-alone trim machines or manual operator deflash stands. Take the knife out of your operator’s hand and let our 6-axis robot do the work. Running up to 4 components at once, the cell utilizes a force-compliance device to mimic the human touch, precisely following parting lines and compensating on-the-fly for part shrink and variation. Quickly exchange one nest plate for another while the robot continues to process other parts as they are loaded/unloaded. Once the new nest plate is mounted in place and the electrical connector is attached, the cell automatically identifies the new plate and loads the appropriate cutting path in the robot controller.

The nest plates are universal, fit in any of the workstations, and can easily be duplicated for any future parts or components that need processing.

In addition, a quick change tool adaptor on the robot end of arm allows for unlimited additional operations within the cell. Need to drill, tap, cut, or rout holes, slots, or openings in your parts? Need to attach or assemble components, screws, or any other hardware to your parts? Simply add the necessary tool with matching quick change adaptor to the robot cell and instantly eliminate the need for a separate secondary fixture or manual operation.