Thursday, January 31, 2008

FPM Tooling & Automation : Automated Part Finishing

FPM Tooling & Automation streamlined approach results in quicker turn around, increased speed to market as well as consistent control of the product engineering throughout the part design and manufacturing process.

As manufacturer of industrial tooling and finishing equipment for the blow mold industry FPM has accumulated many outstanding technology breakthroughs and leads in this field. Upholding experience and technology to serve customers, our team enjoys support from loyal clients worldwide.

Manufacturer of factory automation, industrial robots, robotic vision systems, programmable controller, CNC controller,light curtain sensors, PC-based controller, computer& peripherals, plastic assembly production lines.

FPM Tooling & Automation : Automation Equipment

FPM Tooling & Automation has developed the expertise to design and manufacture state of the art secondary fixtures and gages. We offer our customers the turn key manufacturing for each program. Latest technology is utilized to generate complex PLC controlled machinery with multiple cutting and drilling applications. Hydraulic trim presses and deflash dies have also become a standard.

From concept design to a finish product, FPM Tooling & Automation is a One-Stop-Shop. In a commitment toward the goal of quality FPM is ISO 9001 certified.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

FPM Tooling & Automation : Engineered Blow Stands

FPM Tooling & Automation has the expertise to custom design and build bottom blow stands to your exact specifications and applications. Whether it is an automotive application requiring insert molding or an industrial application such as drums and containers with threaded openings. Our 40+ years of experience serving the tooling needs of the Blow Molding Industry can provide you with a complete turn-key solution to your specialized needs.

- spreader pin stands

- dual blow pin stands

- single blow pin stands

- unscrewing blow pin stands [single & dual]

- compacting blow pin stands [single & dual]

Friday, January 25, 2008

FPM Tooling & Automation : Chipless Cutter

Chipless Cutters enable molders to easily remove plastic at specific hole locations without the cumbersome task of removing unwanted chips from the plastic part. As the left-over chips roll around inside of the part, they can become lodged into sending units or severely reduce the air flow required for the part to successfully perform its function.

The Chipless Cutter produces a single spiral shaped chip that is directed away from the part enabling the hole to be finished and the chip to fall harmlessly to the floor outside of the part or into a supplied bin for ease of adding it to re-grind or disposal.

FPM Tooling & Automation design of Chipless Cutters can easily be mounted into existing drill chucks or can be specialized to fit into drill or rotating motors on existing secondary machines. This enables the molder to successfully retro-fit the existing secondary or downline machine to the Chipless Cutter option.