Friday, January 25, 2008

FPM Tooling & Automation : Chipless Cutter

Chipless Cutters enable molders to easily remove plastic at specific hole locations without the cumbersome task of removing unwanted chips from the plastic part. As the left-over chips roll around inside of the part, they can become lodged into sending units or severely reduce the air flow required for the part to successfully perform its function.

The Chipless Cutter produces a single spiral shaped chip that is directed away from the part enabling the hole to be finished and the chip to fall harmlessly to the floor outside of the part or into a supplied bin for ease of adding it to re-grind or disposal.

FPM Tooling & Automation design of Chipless Cutters can easily be mounted into existing drill chucks or can be specialized to fit into drill or rotating motors on existing secondary machines. This enables the molder to successfully retro-fit the existing secondary or downline machine to the Chipless Cutter option.

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